Ship From United States 10pcs KN95 Masks Filter 3Layers Non-woven Facial Mask Fast Shipping In Stock

10pcs KN95 Masks Filter 3Layers Non-woven Facial Mask Fast Shipping In Stock

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Type 1
Product description:
Product title: KN95 protecting mask
Product mannequin: HM-N06 (disposable mask)
Product look: white folding mask, white ear-mounted headband, built-in non-metal nostril clip
Product materials: non-woven material, meltblown filter materials
Product weight: 0.020g
Product dimension: 15 * 10 * 1
Filtration effectivity: ≥95 ‰
Scope of utility:
1. It is appropriate for adults’ each day journey safety. It just isn’t appropriate for poisonous fuel surroundings. This product just isn’t an alternative choice to fuel masks and medical masks.
2. This protecting mask can’t generate oxygen and can’t be utilized in hypoxic surroundings
3. Please use it accurately to keep away from severe outcomes brought on by improper use
4. Please retailer in a dry and ventilated place
5. Respirator is disposable, not washable

Package Include:
10x KN95 Masks

Type 2
Product title: KN95 filter mud mask
Product description: Add activated carbon filter layer, take in odor, and multilayer safety. Every breath is contemporary.
Product operate: windproof sand mud, vehicle exhaust, anti-fog and haze, anti-second-hand smoke
Product options: 3D three-dimensional design Light materials with fluffy, breathable, comfortable (reasonable softness, snug sporting), hygienic, moisture-free
Product materials: non-woven, spunlace
Scope of utility: limitless use of the group

Package Include:
10x KN95 Masks

Type 3


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